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Face and Body Waxing Services

Our staff of professionals is trained to make your waxing experience safe, sanitary, and as painless as possible.   We offer a private waxing room. 

Face waxing includes Chin, Lip and Eyebrow

Body Waxing such as legs, under-arm, arms, stomach, back and chest

Bikini and Brazilians


Face Waxing

Lip / Chin


Full Face

$10 each



Body Waxing


Full Arm

Half Leg

Full Leg


Back / Chest






$45 each

Bikini Waxing





These are starting prices. Pricing is determined by the amount of time and wax needed to complete the service.

Policies and Recommendations

Pre Wax

Hair should be about 1/4" long. You may need to refrain from shaving for a couple weeks or trim hair prior to your appointment. You should gently exfoliate before your service to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Post Wax

OTC Hydrocortisone cream can be used to soothe post-waxing inflammation, itchiness, and reduce redness. Apply a cold pack immediately after service to close pores and prevent bacteria from entering. Also, gently exfoliate after service to reduce ingrown hairs and bumps. Be sure to apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

Contra Indications

Certain medications (acne, antibiotics...) and skin products (retinol, benzoyl peroxide...) can thin skin and make it more sensitive during the waxing process. Sunburns or any skin irritations can not be waxed.

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